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    Through The Storm - Inside The COVID Wards (2)
    Through The Storm - Inside The COVID Wards

    Through The Storm: Inside The COVID Wards

    The Brief:
    SPS were tasked with providing final post-production on Sky News’ ‘Through The Storm: Inside The COVID Wards’ – a 45-min documentary following the network’s reporters as they spent 1 month at London hospitals (The Royal Free and Barnet) at the height of the pandemic. The brief was to highlight the medics’ work as they go through the darkest and toughest period, fighting to save the lives of COVID-19 patients.

    The Solution:
    We built a team of seasoned editing, audio and grading talent that could provide immaculate service under the pressure of tight deadlines and a short turnaround time. Factoring in the COVID-19 restrictions in place, our team worked with the producer/director from the early stages to ensure that all requirements and protocols were understood and met, with social distancing in practice throughout, the voiceover narrator in a booth attached to the mixers suite and the client in a separate room, and all sign off completed remotely.

    The project was completed in 6 weeks, editing in Avid Symphony, Adobe Premiere Pro, grading in Baselight and audio mix in Pro Tools, and delivered for transmission on Sky Documentaries.

    The Feedback:
    “SPS have been an absolute pleasure to work with – always helpful, enthusiastic, accommodating, and offering great advice and suggestions. We needed to shift the schedule twice and each time they moved things around to accommodate us, with one member of the team even giving up their booked leave to do so. Each member of the team is great to work with – both talented and personable. We were really happy with their work on the project.”

    Liz Lane – Producer, Sky News

    The Team

    Chris Hay

    Finn Curry, Tim McKeever

    Warren Williams

    Workflow Supervisor
    Naman Davda

    Post Producer
    Oliver Bramley

    Post Production Coordinator
    Mike Town


    5.1 HD


    Offended By Irvine Welsh

    The Brief:
    SPS were commissioned by Lion TV to provide full post-production on ‘Offended by Irvine Welsh’ – a 45-min documentary, fronted by the outspoken author of ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Faith’, that explores the nature of offence and pushes the subject matter to the limit. The brief was to facilitate Irvine Welsh on his journey to reclaim the right to offend, but not abuse, as an essential tool for artists in an increasingly censorious world.

    The Solution:
    In addition to building a reliable team to work on this project, we also prioritised pairing the director/producer with a talented SPS editor who had a strong relationship with him and who was trusted to help him achieve his vision. The encroaching pandemic meant that the project had to utilise remote post-production systems that allowed for a customisable workflow. Resulting in all research and planning carried out during lockdown, socially distant shooting when society re-opened, editing & onlining, grading, and mixing completed remotely due to COVID-19 protocols.

    Edited in Avid Media Composer & Symphony, given a Baselight grade and a Pro Tools audio mix, the project was turned around in 3 months and delivered for transmission on Sky Arts in late October.

    The Feedback:
    “This film was editorially complex and required the virtual edit to match the real world and real-time reality of being in an edit suite. However, the complex remote systems worked seamlessly, the edit ran incredibly smoothly and delivered on schedule. Navigating final post – processes that usually demand undivided attention in the grade and mix – was a little more challenging, but the whole team at SPS were patient and positive, as we continued to create remote bespoke processes that were essential to bringing my 13th Sky Arts programme to life.”

    Mike Christie – Director/Producer, Lion TV

    The Team

    Jon Slade

    Monica Ramirez

    Mark Mulcaster

    Post Producers
    Oliver Bramley, Peter Green


    5.1 HD


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