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The Brief
In 2017, SPS were tasked with post producing Hotspots – a hard hitting, 10 x 60mins, documentary series following seasoned reporters, Stuart Ramsay and Alex Crawford, behind the scenes of some of the biggest news stories of recent times.

The Solution
Specialist documentary editors worked side-by-side in two offline suites running Avid Media Composer. The first week of each show’s edit was dedicated to screening large quantities of self-shot rushes, alongside news archive footage before the craft edit began. With the audio mixed in-house, the sound design was key to the storytelling and immersed viewers in locations that varied from war zones to fallen forests. Finally, the Baselight grade set a visual style that would distinguish the show for series to come. Following successful delivery of series 1, a second series returned in 2018 and series 3 is now in edit ahead of its Sky Atlantic broadcast later this year.

The Team

Will Teversham, Simon Hughes, Jen Ford, David Ormston

Monica Ramirez and Marek Bielski

Mark Mulcaster

Post Producer
Oliver Bramley


5.1 HD


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