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    Sky Production Services bridges the gap for freelance editors with their ‘zero client’ remote editing kit

    Sky Production Services (SPS) has successfully launched their brand-new ‘zero client’ remote editing kit for freelance editors. The remote editing kit will be standardised and delivered to long-form freelance editors working on Sky content, or freelancers working on concurrent projects over a longer period.

    Following on from the initial distribution of laptops during the first lockdown, the new uniform ‘kit of parts’ represents the next stage of SPS’ plan to enable freelance editors to continue working safely and remotely.

    Rolling out in the next few weeks, SPS’ remote editing kit aims to allow content makers to choose from a wider pool of talent and ensure that editing talent is chosen by skill and not by equipment. Standardising the kit will also help the support team reduce the amount of time they spend on troubleshooting a wide variety of individual home kits and setups, and they will be able to pre-calibrate monitors and desktops to ensure consistency across the pool of freelancer home setups.

    As standard, each ‘zero client’ remote editing kit will include: x2 iiyama ProLite monitors (1920×1080), Avid Keyboard, USB Mouse, M-Audio AV42 Speakers, Mack Big Knob Passive Speaker Controller, Beyer DT 240 PRO Mobile Studio Headphones, Amulet Hotkey Dual Screen Zero Client, plus all the required cables.

    Sky Production Services' Remote Editing Kit Built

    Utilising the kit will help freelance editors connect securely and directly into Sky through the corporate VPN, eliminating the need for password and verification processes, and achieve the same experience and consistency of work as working on site in one of SPS’ edit suites.

    Moving forward, the next iteration of the remote editing kit will aim to cement Sky Production Services’ commitment to remote working by allowing freelancers to bypass the VPN system entirely and connect via the AWS cloud, and improve the at home audio & grading experience.

    Adam Downey, Director of Post Production & Partnerships, Sky Production Services, said: “Like everyone, we have been working remotely for a while and though this is a small step, it is an important one that recognises that remote working will be here beyond COVID-19. It is great to have this extra kit in our arsenal to support freelancers and producers who have been getting by with just a laptop, to make it a richer experience.”

    Michael Logue, User Support Manager, Sky Production Services, said: “The standardisation of kit and the avoidance of the corporate network traffic have been our most recent targets to achieve in the evolution of working from home. So, we are delighted with this development and we will continue to work with our innovation and technical teams to continue enhancing the operator and client experience.”