Save Our Wildlife wins Prix Jeunesse Award

Thursday 30 May 2024

The Prix Jeunesse Awards have been announced, and Sky Post Production are delighted that Save Our Wildlife by Fresh Start Media has won it's 7 - 10 Non Fiction category. Save Our Wildlife was post produced fully at Sky Post Production.

The jury said, "We only have one planet earth, and considering that, we are treating it terribly. We know that many animals are suffering due to climate change, but “Save our Wildlife” really opened our eyes to the severity of the threat to earth´s animals. We liked how the programme provided some ideas on what we as individuals can do to help animals today, and found it remarkable to see what children around the world are doing to help endangered species. The fact that it is children raising awareness for the animals allows for deeper identification with the protagonists. Even though there are a lot of programmes covering climate change, the children´s perspectives and scope of the film make “Save our Wildlife” stand out. That combined with the expert interviews makes the film both informative and engaging to watch."

PRIX JEUNESSE promotes, celebrates and honours the highest quality in children’s and youth media.

More information about the awards, and the full list of winners, can be found here