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    Meet The Colourists: Mark Mulcaster

    Mark Mulcaster is a highly skilled colourist at Sky Production Services (SPS) with more than 16 years’ experience. He currently works on Entertainment, covering high profile non-scripted shows such as the critically-acclaimed ‘Hotspots’, scripted dramady series such as ‘Urban Myths’, as well as various Sky documentaries.

    Over the last 9 years at SPS, his area of expertise has been colour grading on both short & long-form productions and working across colour workflows. Hard-hitting Sky News documentaries, such as ‘George Floyd: From Murder To Justice?’, and SPS’ switch to High Dynamic Range (HDR) are two of Mark’s most notable recent projects, with the former a standout experience. Often facing technical & editorial challenges and fast turnarounds, Sky News’ documentaries take on important topics and play a pivotal role in Sky’s D&I commitments, and Mark was privileged to be responsible for the grade on multiple standout projects.

    Joining Sky fresh from graduating in Media Production, Mark had a short stint in the VT Library before becoming a Trainee Editor in 2005. After 6-7 years offlining and editing Sport, he took the opportunity to work on Stereoscopic 3D on Mistika and set out to gain a greater understanding of colour grading, colour management and Post Production workflows. Mark is now one of SPS’ top-tier and most sought-after colourists.