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    Landscape Artist Of The Year S6E8
    Landscape Artist Of The Year S6E1
    Landscape Artist Of The Year S6E6

    Landscape Artist Of The Year

    The Brief:
    SPS were engaged by StoryVault Films to provide full post-production on Series 6 (x9 45-min episodes) of ‘Landscape Artist Of The Year’. The brief was to recreate another high-value season following Stephen Mangan, Joan Bakewell, Tai Shan Shierenberg, Kathleen Soriano & Kate Bryan on their search for the nation’s best landscape painter.

    The Solution:
    We selected a team that were able to utilise HP Remote Graphic Software to connect to the edit suites at Sky’s campus, allowing them to sidestep work from home issues and COVID-related time constraints. Similar to ‘Portrait Artist Of The Year’ S7, dedicated tech support groups helped our team follow COVID-specific workflows, relying on a combination of different communication channels, 9 simultaneous remote offlines and multi-tasking episodes at once, to complete the project in a short turnaround time between RX and TX.

    Wrapped up in Autumn/Winter of 2020, the longform project was edited in Avid Media Composer & Symphony, given a Baselight grade and a Pro Tools audio mix, and delivered for transmission on Sky Arts.

    The Feedback:
    “The SPS team did a sterling job navigating the extra challenges brought about by the pandemic, and they gave us tremendous support in implementing a new COVID-friendly workflow. SPS’ patience and diligence were vital in overcoming the frustrations of remote working, delivering great shows and ensuring LAOTY S6 met all deadlines. Overall, SPS were a pleasure to work with.”

    Marina Fonseca – Producer, StoryVault Films

    The Team

    Paul Kingstree, Will Teversham, Chris Hay

    Edit Assistants
    David Wybrow, Megan Harrison

    Finn Curry

    Ben Whitney

    Workflow Supervisor
    Naman Davda

    Post Producer
    Oliver Bramley

    Post Production Coordinator
    Rebecca Amarasinghe


    5.1 HD


    Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson - Straight Talking on the beach
    Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson - Straight Talking in the wild
    Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson - Straight Talking on the boat

    Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson: Straight Talking

    The Brief:
    SPS were asked by Potato TV to provide full post-production on ‘Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson: Straight Talking’ – the second 45-min episode in the series following the ex-special forces soldier and a celebrity guest on the journey and conversation of their lifetimes. The brief was to support Ant Middleton on his quest to understand who Rebel Wilson really is and what makes her tick, away from the headlines and paparazzi.

    The Solution:
    We combined some of our best editing, audio & grading talent with an experienced freelancer to create a team that were able to overcome work from home-related challenges, tight deadlines (turning around 5-days of filming for edit) and complicated workflow & technology requirements to achieve the same look and feel of the first episode in the midst of a lockdown. Due to the COVID-19 protocols put in place, our team carried out online & offline editing and audio remotely, grading on site with remote sign offs, and completed extensive GFX and VFX work (removing crew and other cameras from shots) that pushed it further than we ever have before.

    Edited in Avid Media Composer & Symphony, given a Baselight grade and a Pro Tools audio mix, the project was completed in 2 months and delivered for transmission on Sky One.

    The Feedback:
    “Everyone at SPS was very helpful and the project went very smoothly. Thankfully, we had access to the same talent that we worked with before, so everyone knew what to do. Overall, the show was a hit and everyone was happy with how it came out.”

    Craig Pickles – Director, ITV

    The Team

    Jon Slade, Trevor Hart, Lachlan Smith (Freelancer)

    Eli Perl

    Warren Williams

    Workflow Supervisor
    Naman Davda

    Post Producers
    Oliver Bramley, Peter Green


    5.1 HD Stereo


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